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As a reputed DeFi Development Company, Pixel aims to revolutionize the financial industry by providing future-ready DeFi Development services across various industries. Our DeFi solutions are faster and safer, capable of serving blockchain-based financial transactions for large-scale businesses. Get started with a DeFi development company to welcome the benefits of the DeFi ecosystem to your business.

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What we offer through Our DeFi Development Services

Our Decentralized finance development services provide ready-to-go DeFi solutions that bring the edges of DeFi platforms and applications to diverse industries. Here are some of them to explore.

DeFi Token Development

Elevate your decentralized business to a global scale with our DeFi token development services. We value your priorities and preferences and create a native DeFi token to fulfill your enterprise needs.

DeFi Dapps Development

Our Dapps development perfectly aligns the Dapps functionality with the smart contract and blockchain consensus. Thus your DeFi app will offer complete control and business opportunities by maintaining decentralization.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

Level up your business techniques to a future-ready era with our DeFi smart contract development. Our smart contract solution provides complete automation to your enterprise to increase productivity and security.

DeFi Wallet Development

As a prominent DeFi wallet development company, we create DeFi wallets that offer complete control and ownership of your assets. Allow your users to experience the freedom of asset management through secure wallet storage.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Our decentralized exchange platform offers a seamless trading experience without third-party supervision. Explore our decentralized exchange solution that comes with a dedicated smart contract enabling incredible security and privacy.

DeFi Lending/Borrowing Development

Take the lead role with our DeFi Borrowing and Lending platform development that allows peer-to-peer transactions of digital assets. The well-tuned platform will help you maintain efficient, hassle-free lending and borrowing operations.

DeFi Consulting Services

Whether you are going to start a new DeFi venture or upgrade existing DeFi projects, get your queries answered with our DeFi consulting services. Our experts analyze your requirements and suggest ideal solutions to launch your own DeFi platform.

DeFi Staking Development

Maximize your profit potential to the next level with DeFi staking development. Our strategic development brings an innovative DeFi staking platform that helps you boost user engagement by enabling them to passive income.

DeFi Gaming Development

Stay ahead of the competition in the gaming industry with our DeFi gaming development services. We combine the technical edges of blockchain technology with DeFi gaming solutions to drive more gamers' engagement.

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Real-Life Benefits Of DeFi Development

Our enhanced DeFi development services will bring the best of technical capabilities to your DeFi project. Get to know more potential benefits of our DeFi development here.

Simplified Processes

We create Decentralized Finance platforms to enable direct transactions that allow users to experience quicker and simplified processes. Our experts make use of relevant blockchains to power up your DeFi platform’s capabilities.


Our customized smart contract solutions automate the DeFi application to quicken the processes and services. We prepare smart contract coding to push the maximum performance to enhance your business offerings.

Full Control

Whether it is a DeFi wallet or an exchange, our DeFi development ensures complete control of platform owners. We prioritize your convenience in managing business routines with essential admin rights.


DeFi platforms and applications provide cost-effective transactions as they facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. Our experts align the right set of tech stacks resulting in lower development costs.


We build DeFi applications that offer complete transparency while maintaining security as an additional perk. From Dapp to DAO DeFi development, we focus on enabling open tracking rights to all DeFi users with security and transparency as top priorities.


Our expert team analyzes your business model and suggests relevant additional services to support your core businesses. Thus you can achieve higher liquidity, profit, and increased user engagement for your DeFi business.

Features of Our DeFi Development Solutions

Top-notch Decentralization

Greater Transparency

DeFi Yield Farming

DeFi Staking

Extended Liquidity

DeFi Wallet Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Blockchain Technology Utilization

Specialized Smart Contracts

Use Cases Of Our DeFi Development

At Pixel, our experts will analyze profitability to extract better productivity from a DeFi platform for a particular business category. Thus our DeFi serves diverse industries across the globe. Below are some of the use cases of Our DeFi Development.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges allow P2P trading with exceptional service offerings. Our expert developers implement smart contract functionality to deliver the highest productivity and security to keep you stay ahead of your competitors.

Asset Management

Asset management becomes a simple process with refined storage facilities like DeFi wallets. Our DeFi services aim to leverage maximum control to users on assets and wallets. So that, the user can safeguard their credentials and assets.

Compliance and KYT

Our decentralized platforms are KYT (Know Your Transaction) compliant to offer high transparency and data integrity. Any active user can track transaction details anonymously where users can feel more privacy and trust.

DeFi Stablecoins

Stablecoins are digital assets that are used as a medium of exchange and represent the value of the underlying asset. Our DeFi development ensures price stability for stablecoins that will not be affected by price volatility.


Our DeFi tokens are capable of serving different use cases and they represent various DeFi assets. Our DeFi tokens bridge the gap in the traditional financial system while offering high transparency and efficiency of blockchain.

DeFi Gaming

DeFi gaming system relies on the decentralized blockchain network to create and store game assets represented by NFTs. Our DeFi development services keep the legacy of play-to-earn gaming that allows platform owners and gamers to earn.


Crowdfunding platforms help startups and entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business investments. We understand your fundraising ideology and create a custom DeFi crowdfunding platform that offers transparent and secure fundraising.

Digital Payments

Explore the unparalleled speed and efficiency of secure payment processing with our DeFi payment solutions. Our experts create a Digital payment platform that executes payment requests and transactions instantly.

Synthetic Assets

Synthetic assets are financial instruments that contain the value of underlying assets but do not possess ownership of the assets. We create synthetic assets that are easily tradable and represent the value proportion of underlying assets.

Our DeFi Development Services on various Blockchain Network

The right blockchain may help you attain your enterprise goals. Elevate your DeFi business with the wider range of blockchain networks we excel in.


Ethereum is a prominent blockchain that has contributed more to the DeFi ecosystem to date. With the possible forecast for innovation, Ethereum is the top priority among investors and developers to kickstart your dream business innovatively.


Solana blockchain offers high scalability at lower transaction costs. Creating a DeFi platform in the Solana blockchain increases platform throughput and it results in increased productivity.


Cardano blockchain works in PoS consensus that provides more efficiency than PoW networks. Creating a DeFi platform in the Cardano blockchain will offer best-in-class security, interoperability, and sustainability to the DeFi app.


As a multichain network, Polkadot allows clear communication among various blockchains. With a dedicated smart contract facility, Polkadot offers a grade of interoperability to enhance DeFi business collaborations.


With a three-chain network infrastructure, avalanche blockchain offers top-class security and scalability to your DeFi platform. Enhance your DeFi platform efficiency with our customized avalanche blockchain to take a lead role.


Polygon blockchain provides a layer 2 scalability solution to platforms and applications based on it. Transform your small-scale business into a large-scale with enhanced scalability offered by our Solana blockchain solution.

Our Beautifully Crafted Works

Krypto Box

Our Blockchain-based project named Krypto Box proved to be a stellar one.



Our Project liquidity was one of our finest in terms of development works.


Elite Exchange

Our pioneered Elite exchange project turned out to be a revelation.


Our DeFi Development Process


First, we analyze your business use cases such as DeFi exchange, wallet, or any other DeFi businesses. Our expert developers will prepare a strategic plan and list out the requirements like blockchain selection for designing and developing a DeFi Platform.


Based on the prerequisites, our developers will prepare basic design works like prototyping, UI/UX design layout, and more. Our experts will prepare smart contract coding and carefully align it with specific features and functionalities.


At this stage, we complete the entire development of your DeFi Platform. That includes complete UI/UX design, add-on module integration, user accounts, and support for API integration.


Our experts will conduct thorough checkups to troubleshoot performance and clear flaws in your DeFi Platform. Security measures and smart contracts are also verified to yield hassle-free operation.


Once your DeFi application is ready for deployment, our expert team will communicate with you. We will fix a perfect time to deploy your DeFi platform or application into the required server efficiently. Now you are set to start your DeFi business.


The DeFi platforms and applications should be upgraded to the market trends and technologies. Our professional experts will assist you in upgrading the platform features and functionalities as per your needs.

Your Success Starts Here !

Try our customized services for scalar growth in your business instantly without any hassles. We help you achieve 100% success in whatever ways you desire.

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Why Choose Pixel as a DeFi Development Company?

Pixel is a highly reputable Decentralized Finance Development company with an experienced team of blockchain professionals. Partnering with Pixel will lead your DeFi business to greater edges as we rely on innovative technologies. That’s why our DeFi solutions perfectly meet clients' requirements as we only prefer relevant tech stacks irrespective of budget. With 11+ years of industry presence, our successful portfolio has a proven track record of many thriving DeFi empires. Ultimately, our end-to-end assistance will be there to guide you during and after DeFi development. Thus we transform your DeFi business scope into realization with…

why choose Defi development
  • Blockchain Experts
  • Excellence in DeFi Development
  • Client-centric Approach
  • End-to-End Support
  • Budget Friendly DeFi Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain is a fundamental and essential technology that enables the creation and operation of the DeFi platform. Blockchain enables a secure, transparent, interoperable, and efficient DeFi platform with competitive edges to take a lead against counterparts.

Decentralized Finance is driven by innovation limiting the intermediary time losses, saving cost and time, and ensuring security and reliability. Providing greater accessibility at lower operation costs through DeFi platforms is way better than traditional finance.

Pixel is a one-stop solution for all Decentralized finance development services. Starting from DeFi tokens to DeFi exchanges, we provide tech-friendly solutions with a wider scope of benefits. You can refer to our development services section for more in-depth insights about that.

DeFi development services benefit industries like Gaming, Crowdfunding, Digital payments, Asset management, and more. Our experts utilize blockchain-based solutions to make the DeFi platform or application eligible for diverse use cases.

The cost to create DeFi software will approximately range between $10,000 to $20,000. This is the overall cost and it will vary concerning certain factors like the complexity of the project, blockchain selection, features, add-on module, and more.

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