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Launch your feature-enriched NFT marketplace today with Pixel, a top-notch NFT marketplace Development Company. We help each client by providing numerous NFT marketplace Development services solely focusing on them. Reach out to us to create a dependable future with a community-driven approach.

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Our Exceptional NFT Marketplace Development Services

Pixel offers a diverse range of appealing and efficient NFT marketplace development services. Choose a development service that fits best with your requirements.

NFT Development

Pixel’s NFT Development service facilitates you to ace the NFT market by creating distinctive NFTs through tokenizing virtual assets. We merge cryptographic technology with innovation to seamlessly create NFTs that are compatible with different blockchain networks.

NFT Smart Contract Creation

We help you develop meticulous smart contracts that provide automated support to your NFT marketplace. With the help of Solidity language, we help you with smart contract creation tailored to your business needs and which performs seamlessly in the NFT marketplace.

Art NFT Marketplace

Empower your NFT marketplace by building a platform focusing on artists and artworks attracting art enthusiasts. Here, we together build a platform that allows various artists across the globe to tokenize the virtual arts to trade and earn, thereby forming a community.

Music-based NFT Marketplace

With our Music-based NFT marketplace development services, we help entrepreneurs build a Musical-oriented NFT marketplace seamlessly. This marketplace is listed with tokenized forms of unique and rare music collections that are tradable for ownership among users.

Fractional NFT Marketplace

Planning to create a Fractional NFT marketplace is a wise idea. This marketplace lets users buy and sell shares or fractions of specific NFTs. This makes the Fractional NFT marketplace a wide affordable option attracting a large number of users.

DeFi-Integrated NFT Marketplace

Combining the advancement of blockchain technology with innovation, we create this DeFi-integrated NFT marketplace. The users of the DeFi integrated NFT marketplace benefit from the features of having transparent, secure, and direct peer-to-peer transactions.

NFT Marketplace Support

Pixel provides you with optimal support from monitoring, and maintaining to managing. Our team of experts will help you fix bugs, know market demands, and integrate other additional features if required. Count on us for holistic support in your NFT marketplace development.

NFT Marketplace App development

With our best mobile app development team, we create NFT marketplace Apps with the motto of making them convenient for users. Integrating robust security mechanisms and other unique additional features will make your application stand out.

Consultation Services

Discover, strategize, and enter the world of the NFT landscape with our NFT-based consultation services. Get personal advisory guidance from our market experts regarding your concerns about developing, cost, and marketing within the digital asset ecosystem.

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Appealing Features We Integrate in Our NFT Marketplace

Developing an NFT marketplace includes distinct features that you can incorporate into your platform. Pixel’s exponential developers can integrate alluring and customizable features in the development process of the NFT marketplace catering to your business requirements.

Sign up & KYC

Striking Dashboard

Admin Panel

Bid and Buy option

Search options & Filters

Alert Notifications

Wallet & Payment gateway

NFT Listings

QR Scanner

Fields Our NFT Marketplace Development Services specialize in

Our NFT marketplace development services specialize in various fields serving different use case models. Take a glance to know about the influence of our NFT platform development on various domains.


NFT being in the Art arena is a prominent way for artists to promote their digital arts and tokenize them to earn revenue. NFT bridges artists with global audiences to reach heights.


The musicians, producers, labels, and music enthusiasts benefit by tokenizing and trading the limited edition tracks, albums, concert tickets, and other royalties as NFTs.


NFTs in gaming verse allow users to trade, own up, and tokenize unique in-game items like characters, avatars, tickets, special features, skins, and outfits.

Real Estate

NFTs in real estate allow users to own or rent up a fraction or part of the virtual land. These digital lands can be tokenized and the ownership can be transferred seamlessly.

Generative Arts

NFTs give major support to Generative art creators and artworks solely generated by codes by building a focused platform for them to monetize and merchandise their work.


Revolutionize the ticketing systems without fraud or scams by tokenizing the digital tickets. This adds value while empowering the immersion of both the physical and digital worlds.

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Pixel’s NFT Marketplace Development Process

Pixel follows a systematic process for NFT trading platform Development. Get a deep view of the in-house development process the NFT marketplace goes through.

Requirement workshop

Pixel is known for its commitment to meeting client’s needs as a top-tier crypto development company. Our team of experts will participate in personalized one-on-one sessions with the clients to completely understand and analyze their business requirements to fixate goals.

Drafting Roadmap

Next, Our team of experts here will derive a complete roadmap for developing the NFT marketplace. After gathering all the requirements, we decide upon the tech stacks, outline budgetary issues, and other necessary considerations that meet our client's goals.

UI/UX Fixation

To attract dependable and consistent users to the platform, prioritizing an intuitive and user-friendly interface is important. Our exponential designers do complete research on the global trends that match business requirements and incorporate those user-friendly features.


During this development stage, we will curate the marketplace with smart contract integration, and other tech stack. The inclusion of required features is done here. We fortify the platform’s security by incorporating necessary security mechanisms.


We have a dedicated team of testers tasked with rigorously testing the project. The testers are involved in frequent testing processes to resolve any glitches, technical malfunctions, or bugs. In this phase, we verify that the client’s requirements align with the developed project.


The deployment of the platform correctly on the desired server ensuring security and reliability is a prominent task in our NFT platform development. Pixel with our market experts helps you with this by configuring servers and deploying the platform efficiently.

Technology Stack

Our developers efficiently blend high-end technology and innovation to power your NFT marketplace.

Web App Develpoment

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Android App Develpoment

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iOs App Develpoment

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Why choose Pixel as your NFT Marketplace Development Company?

Pixel Web Solutions has earned its position as the premier NFT Marketplace Development Company. Give life to your dream of creating an NFT marketplace with our exponential team of developers, designers, testers, and other supporting teams. Maximize your potential in the field of NFTs by linking arms with Pixel. We specialize in building NFT platforms customized to satisfy our client's distinguished vision. We guarantee our services by creating a scalable platform with secure transactions, and a seamless user experience. Elevate your business in the digital realm to the next level today with our affordable solutions.

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Let's together revolutionize the world of NFTs !!

  • One place solution for development to deployment.
  • Budgetary and innovative development solutions.
  • An experienced and skilled team of developers.
  • Timely delivery of projects.
  • Continued Customer support.
  • 100% Secure and scalable solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time required for NFT marketplace development varies depending on the chosen development approach. Using a pre-existing clone script or readily available white-label solution typically takes between 15 - 20 business days. On the other hand, developing from scratch is a time-consuming process, mostly spanning around 7 - 12 months.

The actual cost to develop an NFT marketplace ranges from $ 45,000 to $ 1,50,000. However, this cost might vary slightly depending on factors like integration of smart contracts, incorporating advanced features, adoption of UI/UX, and other business requirements.

We at Pixel utilize multiple blockchains to develop your NFT marketplace including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Tron, and any more blockchain that aligns best with our client’s preferences and requirements.

The benefits of an NFT marketplace development are,
  • Generation of good revenue
  • Access to the global market
  • Fostering a dedicated community
  • Earning ownership of assets
  • Decentralized, secure, and transparent transactions.

Pixel is considered the best NFT marketplace development company, offering end-to-end affordable services from smart contract integration to wallet linkage. With our customizable NFT marketplace solutions, we build a secure and scalable platform that aligns with business requirements.

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