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Pixel provides custom smart contract development solutions that automate your business operations, streamline progress, and improve productivity. With deep expertise and experience, we create, test, and deploy business contracts suitable for different use cases. Also, we ensure reliable and secure smart contract development via our refined development procedures.

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Smart Contract Development Services

Pixel’s smart contract development services are specifically designed to help startups and entrepreneurs by bringing secure, efficient, transparent, and automated functionalities to their businesses.

Smart Contract Consultation

Our smart contract consulting services are designed to resolve your queries related to the development of digital contracts. Our blockchain specialists give you valuable insights and suggest appropriate solutions.

Smart Contract Designing

We design and develop smart contracts to meet clients’ requirements prioritizing performance and security. Our custom solutions help you utilize the edges of private and public blockchains for your business.

Smart Contract Auditing

Our skilled developers conduct thorough auditing to remove bugs or any functional errors. With in-depth testing procedures, our experts completely analyze the digital contract's efficiency, security, and performance.

Smart Contract Personalization

Our smart contract personalization enables you to save gas fees by efficiently managing blockchain resources. We help you achieve maximum performance and secure transactions from your business effectively.

Smart Contracts For DEXs

We excel in the development of DEX smart contracts that are specifically designed to control and manage functionalities independently. With an automated working principle, you can achieve smooth and fast trading practices in DEX.

Smart Contracts for NFTs

Get performance-backed automation that enables your NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to be suitable for different industrial applications. Our customized contract solution is capable of enabling secure NFT transactions.

Smart Contracts For Yield Farming

At Pixel, we create smart contracts with clear agreements about yield-farming progress. Integrate our full-featured business contracts to unlock next-level yield farming approaches and gains from the DeFi ecosystem.

Token Smart Contracts

Our token smart contracts have streamlined development procedures to enable seamless ERC20 token transactions within the Ethereum ecosystem. Expand your business with security and automation to achieve quicker token transfers across different wallets.

Smart Contract For dApps

We prepare custom smart contracts for dApps to enhance their compatibility and maintain higher scalability. Enhance your dApp development with a unique solution that is completely tested for performance and productivity.

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Our Smart Contract Development in Different Industries


As a prominent smart contract development company, we help gaming platform companies manage their game assets using blockchain technology. Our coding experts follow unique cryptography to ensure automation, ownership, and security, maintaining the game spirit.


We create smart contracts with blockchain qualities like immutability, transparency, and interoperability making them ideal for government services. Keep the credibility of government services by offering enhanced performance with our contract solution.


Our smart contract solutions eliminate third-party supervision while prioritizing the creator’s ownership and avoiding the risk of copyrights and fraudulent activities. By enabling incredible transparency we help creators get sufficient recognition for their contributions.

Identity Management

Take control of your digital identity management and ownership rights with our immutable digital solution. With a designated development process, our business contract will only allow secure access to keep your digital identity safe from security risks.

Supply Chain

The supply chain requires a greater percentage of automation and efficiency to implement transparency and accuracy. We improvise contract capability that elevates real-time tracking of assets with greater transparency resulting in quicker and accurate transactions.


Explore the edges of P2P lending with our smart contract services meant for almost negligible security risks and faster transactions. Our enriched coding minimizes the loan transaction time resulting in quicker loan approval and boosting platform efficiency.


Our self-executing smart contracts significantly minimize the claim processing time resulting in faster insurance approval and worry-free claims. Keep your platform’s credibility by enabling improved platform operations with our customized solutions.


Discover the benefits of smart contract development in healthcare that supports authentic access and secure sharing of medical records to speed up the treatment phase. Our immutable business contracts can allow patients to track their health data and progress.

Internet of Things

Our smart contract solutions are designed to enhance the capacity of the Internet of Things (IoT). With automation and efficient development, we help you tune up the IoT network for security and data integrity while allowing efficient communication between IoT devices.


Our customized smart contract development services help you ease the barriers between borrowers and lenders. The automated digital solutions allow quicker cross-border transactions, eliminate errors in transactions, and improve the platform’s productivity.

Real Estate

Boost your real estate operations with hassle-free automation in asset handling, agreement processing, and transaction verification. Our contract simplifies the buying, selling, and transferring of digital assets at a lower cost while keeping the asset reliable and auditable.


We assist the recruitment industry by automating various stages of recruitment. Our contract solutions help you keep track of candidate records, automate background verification, and ensure efficient onboarding processes in a transparent and trustworthy manner.

Technology Stack

Smart Contract Creation is the finest course to check our technical fluency and well-organized infrastructure. Explore the Tech stacks we prefer to prepare a customized coding.

Web App Develpoment

blockchain blockchain blockchain blockchain

Android App Develpoment

blockchain blockchain blockchain blockchain

iOs App Develpoment

blockchain blockchain blockchain


blockchain blockchain blockchain blockchain


web web web web


web web web


blockchain blockchain blockchain blockchain


blockchain blockchain


blockchain blockchain blockchain

Smart Contract Development on Various Blockchains

Whatever your business category will be, Pixel excels in offering comprehensive smart contract development services based on prominent blockchains. Explore the list of prominent blockchains we prefer.



Binance smart chain







Our Smart Contract Development Process

Gathering Requirements

At this stage, Pixel experts will analyze your development requirements, priorities, and ideology to prepare a road map for creating smart contracts. Our developers will list the basic requirements to initiate designing here.

Deciding on Design

Based on the strategic plan, our expert developers start prototyping and designing work for smart contract development. This stage covers data flow diagrams and basic design processes for the self-executing module architecture.


At this stage, our developers will start programming the codes for the finalized design. The development flow includes alpha, beta, and release phases to complete the smart contract programming.


Our expert team will conduct complete testing to check the contract’s security, performance, and capability. Minor developmental flaws will be eradicated during quality-checking and the final coding will be a perfect fit for deployment.


In this stage, our expert team will analyze the possibilities and conditions for deploying your smart contract. The deployment process consists of careful alignment of blockchain platform resources with contract functionalities.

Upgrades and Maintenance

As a renowned smart contract development company, we provide periodical upgrade support to level up your business upto the industry expectations. Adding to that, our experts’ real-time assistance will ease the barriers to business upgrades.

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Benefits of Smart Contract Development for Your Business

Our smart contract services are enhanced to offer potential benefits to businesses including faster processes, cost savings, improved security, and automation. Other than that, our custom-made solution brings more benefits to wider business categories. Here are some of the benefits.


Our self-executing contract development is authentic to provide transparent functionalities. Any network participant can audit and track these automated processes. This creates trust and increases your business credibility.


Our smart contracts are completely automated and don’t require third-party supervision. Thus it simplifies the workload, reduces the processes, and increases efficiency. Thus our development tactics can level up your business productivity.


Our streamlined development services utilize blockchain technology effectively to enable secure and tamper-proof data management. The efficient coding and blockchain advantage safeguard contract services from vulnerabilities and risks.


Our smart contracts are completely automated to simplify your business processes. Thus it allows you to eliminate the intermediary processes and reduces the operational cost to a great extent.


We create custom smart contract solutions that are highly adaptable to particular businesses. Our development expertise will help you customize the solution as per your service offerings and business requirements.


With robust functionality and automation, our smart contracts build trust among users and business owners. Our streamlined development enables transparent and secure automation to elevate your business reach to a global scale.

Why Choose Pixel as a Smart Contract Development Company?

Pixel is a leading smart contract development company that helps businesses to design, develop, and deploy customized contracts for specific business goals. We are having 11+ years of industry presence with a strong portfolio of 560+ successful projects. We are a team of experienced professionals who excel in providing blockchain-based development services to various industries. We follow a streamlined development process with a clear roadmap for designing and developing high-performing smart contracts.

Our expert team is focusing on transforming your ideology into a successful business with refined contract functionality. Whether you are a startup or entrepreneur, you can experience true professional guidance with us from idea gathering to development. Our expertise connected with advanced tech stacks will bring you an exceptional smart contract. We understand your core business ideology and help you create value for your investment.

why choose smart contract development

Apart from these, here are some key takeaways that highlight why you should choose Pixel as your Smart Contract Development Company.

  • Endurable development support from a team of experts.
  • Completely audited and secured digital codings.
  • Cost-effective development using high-grade solutions.
  • Customized automation and Efficiency for diverse businesses.
  • Timely delivery of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

With refined processes, creating a smart contract roughly takes around two to four weeks time based on the complexity and specific demands of the clients.

The overall cost to create a smart contract would range between $8000 to $20000, but it will vary depending upon specialized features and functionalities.

Ethereum is the best blockchain with its robust ecosystem and security, but you can create smart contracts in other blockchains as per your business needs.

Solidity, Rust, and Vyper are some of the prominent programming languages we prefer for creating smart contracts that meet our client’s business model.

Yes, you can get our maintenance and support services for upgrades and overcome challenges even after smart contract creation to lead the competition.

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